Welcome to SoulTable!


Soul Table is a new initiative, launched full-time in September of 2019. Our goal is to provide a place where people can experience community and explore their spirituality in a gathering that doesn’t feel or act like church - or temple, or synagogue or mosque. We welcome people of all faiths who care about the world, and want things to get better. Soul Table is run by Lawrence Park Community Church; we are Christians trying to find a way to do spirituality for the 21st century in a city filled with people of all kinds of different faiths.  

We believe that people today crave community, real face to face interaction, where people give you a chance to talk and to listen. So, every week, we gather for dinner, then we hear guest speakers talk about issues that matter.  

Our speakers come from all over the city, all walks of life, and are often experts in their fields. They come to talk about one of four themes which guide Soul Table:  

1) Soul
2) Social Justice
3) Our City
4) Nature  

We encourage people to share their views, so every talk is followed by a group discussion, which often lasts as long as the speaker’s talk. In a society where everyone’s head is lost in a screen, the antidote is getting together in person to talk and share views, face to face. This is a place where people become friends, and know that they share common values.  

If you’re feeling that life is too isolating, and that compassion is in short supply, we hope you will come by some Sunday and break bread with us. Lots of people arrive on their own, so don’t feel weird about coming alone. We welcome everyone.  

There’s no charge, but we are happy to receive donations - we’d like Soul Table to last, so your generosity is appreciated. If you can afford to give, we thank you.