Toronto is consistently ranked one of the best cites on Earth to live in, but the price of that success has been a rise in problems that may drive many of us out. Our roads are increasingly congested, and unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. Prices continue to climb, making the dream of owning a home impossible for many. Homelessness continues to rise, despite being Canada's richest city. This is a great city, but it has problems that need to be addressed, or it won't be great for long.  

At Soul Table, we want to talk about the city's strengths and weaknesses, so we have been inviting people who know this city from the inside out. Our guest speakers are from the front lines of the city's problems and its best features. For example, in November, Sharly Chan spoke about plans to make Toronto a “smart” city, which would track the data we leak out on our phones. On December 8th, we are devoting an entire evening to the problem of hand guns in Toronto; on January 12th, we will be talking about homelessness. Future talks will look at making Toronto more bike-friendly, and less racist.  

We believe that Toronto can be a city where transit is affordable, bike lanes can be the rule not the exception, buildings can be carbon neutral, and everyone can have a safe place to live. We want to explore how we get there with you and our speakers.